The Daughters of Royalty Drill Team (D.O.R), Royal Elite Drum Squad was formed in June 2011 by Sherieka Trotter, who is well known in the drill team community with experience in marching and directing from Seattle to Canada. 

The program was formed to give youth and their families a positive way to grow and interact with their community through performing, mentoring and community service, while providing youth with the opportunity to develop physically and mentally as they work as a team. 

Members who participate come from different schools, backgrounds, lifestyles, and more, together form the "ROYAL FAMILY".

The team’s mission is to demonstrate excellence in the areas of dance, step, percussion and etiquette while promoting discipline, dedication, teamwork, physical activity and positive life style choices in a fun environment.  

It consists of a youth drill team, drum squad and dance team with a focus on performing arts.   

Practices are weekly and sometimes daily for special events. Members range in age from 4-18 years old and are grouped as follows:  

Minis (4-8)

Juniors (9-12)  

Seniors (13-18)

Within the current year, the team has participated in various parades and events for organizations in their community. 

© Daughters of Royalty Drill Team 2011

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